About Victoria Bloom, PsyD

I’m a San Francisco Bay Area-based licensed Clinical Psychologist. California license: PSY #30561.

Victoria Bloom, PhD, psyhology

I offer a compassionate and innovative approach to psychology and therapy for individuals of all ages, couples, and groups, using variety of tools including:

Talk therapy
Imaginal Psychology
Cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT & DBT)
Recovery and relapse prevention focused therapy
Art therapy
Nature-based therapy

Couple’s therapy incorporating Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy

Dr. Bloom offers in-depth psychological evaluations, screenings and testing.

I specialize in positive motivation, self-love and looking to the future with a practical and spiritual approach.  I’ve been practicing counseling for over twenty years.  

Harnessing the Imagination for Wholeness

I learned an innovative method of therapy while pursuing my PsyD degree at Meridian University. Imaginal Psychology uses the healing power of imagination, along with many therapeutic orientations and techniques. it is a perspective which acknowledges that psychology has been around for a very long time under different guises –The Shaman, the Wise Woman, the Temple at Delphi, the Tribal Elders, the Buddha, and spiritual teachers. Click here for more information about my background.

Lighthouse. Photo by Paulius Dragunas on Unsplash

Any healing or growth process requires going into the unknown, crossing a threshold, facing challenges, terrors, uncertainties, and strong emotions. Tragically, many people get stuck in the abyss of unhealed trauma. The costs and negative impacts on our world are immense. Using imagination, compassion, and the wisdom of my many years of practice, I help people bridge this chasm, to cross into a new, enriched life.

Let’s explore how we might work together.

– Victoria

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